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Job Openings

Employment opportunities at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The following job listings are available in PDF only Adobe Acrobat PDF icon. Click on the job title to view the job announcement.

TCEQ recruiters will be attending the upcoming recruiting events Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

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TitleJob #Monthly SalarySection/ DivisionDate Closes
Accountant I 15044 $2595.33 Air Quality 10/27/14
Administrative Assistant II 15055 $2194.33 Intergovernmental Relations 10/29/14
New InformationAdministrative Assistant IV 15063 $2748.00 to $3401.95 Air Quality 11/05/14
New InformationBudget Analyst III 15064 $4023.16 to $4304.78 Waste Permits 11/05/14
Chemist II (Re-Opened) 15001 $3293.41 Monitoring 10/29/14
Chemist II (Houston) 15051 $3293.41 Water Quality Planning 10/28/14
Contract Specialist III 15050 $3520.33 Financial Administration 10/28/14
New InformationEngineer I - V 15066 $4023.16 to $5258.66 Water Quality 11/05/14
Engineer I - V 15062 $4023.16 to $5258.66 Air Permits 11/04/14
Engineer I - V 15009 (Re-Opened) $4023.16 to $5258.66 Air Permits 10/30/14
Engineer VI 15056 5784.58 Air Permits 10/29/14
Engineer VI 15046 $5784.58 to $6376.29 Air Permits 10/22/14
Environmental Investigator II (Tyler) 15047 $3081.33 Coastal & East Texas Area 10/22/14
Environmental Investigator II (San Angelo) 15053 $3081.33 North Central & West TX Area 10/28/14
Environmental Permit Specialist I 15060 $3081.33 Air Permits 10/31/14
Hydrologist III 15058 $4023.16 to $4913.16 Water Availability 10/30/14
Information Technology Auditor II (Corrected Minimum Qualifications) 14337 $4508.50 to $4610.09 Chief Auditors Office Until Filled
Natural Resource Specialist II 15061 $3081.33 Water Supply 11/04/14
Program Specialist I 15057 $3081.33 Permitting & Registration Support 10/29/14
Program Specialist V 15049 $4023.16 to $4586.33 Air Quality 10/22/14
Program Supervisor VI (Waco) 14359 $4508.50 to $4998.00 Water Availability Until Filled
Program Supervisor VI 15052 $4598.66 to $4920.56 Water Availability 10/28/14
New InformationPurchaser III 15065 $2909.83 to $3113.52 Information Resources 11/05/14
Purchaser III 15000 (Re-Opened) $2909.83 Financial Administration 10/23/14
New InformationSystems Analyst V 15067 $4917.00 to $5485.00 Air Quality 11/05/14

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Condition of Employment

If you are selected for a vacancy, you must be eligible to work in the United States. We do not sponsor H1-B work authorizations for foreign nationals.

We conduct a criminal history search, and when applicable a driving record search, on selected candidates as part of the employment process. If you are offered a job, we may rescind the job offer if you do not satisfy these requirements.

If you are a male, age 18 through 25, you must give us proof of your Selective Service registration Exit the TCEQ, or of your exemption from the requirement, as a condition of state employment. (Required by Section 651.005 of the Government Code.)