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TCEQ Sunset Implementation

On May 28, 2011, the Texas Legislature adopted the TCEQ Sunset legislation, HB 2694. The legislation continues the agency for 12 years. Governor Perry signed the bill into law on June 17, 2011.


Implementation of the TCEQ Sunset legislation, HB 2694, and Sunset Commission Management Directives required adoption of rules, as well as operational changes, revisions to guidance documents, and changes to the agency’s Web pages.

Implementation Status

The TCEQ has completed implementation of its Sunset Legislation. Download these files to read details on each item the TCEQ implemented in response to the Sunset legislation and Management Directives.

Questions on Implementation?

Diane Mazuca, Special Projects Coordinator for the Deputy for the Office of Legal Services, is coordinating the agency’s Sunset-implementation activities. She can be reached at 512-239-3900 or

TCEQ Sunset Review

Sunset Advisory Commission’s Decision on the TCEQ

TCEQ Sunset Self-Evaluation Report

Note: During the 81st Legislative Special Session, the TCEQ's sunset review was moved forward two years, along with several other agencies.

Rulemaking Table

The TCEQ is expected to consider 11 separate rule packages to implement issues addressed in HB 2694.  The following table includes specific information on each of the 11 rule packages. You can also view more detailed information on the current status of each rule.

Prior Sunset Review

The Sunset Advisory Commission

The Sunset Advisory Commission Exit Site is an independent state agency composed of 12 members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House.