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Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee - Dissolved

A committee that advises the TCEQ on the state's policy on pollution prevention.

The PPAC was abolished on October 9, 2013 in accordance with Section 2110.008 of the Texas Government Code.

The Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee (PPAC) advises the TCEQ on the state's policy and goals for pollution prevention and waste minimization, under the authority provided in the Texas Health and Safety Code (Solid Waste Disposal Act, Section 361.0215). Exit the TCEQ The PPAC also advises the commission on the recycling market development implementation, which is authorized under the Texas Health and Safety Code (Section 361.423)Exit the TCEQ

Several documents on this page are in portable document format (PDF); Help using PDF.

About the Committee

The Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee is composed of nine voting members who offer a balanced representation of environmental and public interest groups and the regulated community.

It advises the commission on issues such as these:

  • The appropriate organization of state agencies and the financial and technical resources required to aid the state in its efforts to promote waste reduction and minimization;

  • The development of public awareness programs to educate citizens about hazardous waste and the appropriate disposal of hazardous waste and hazardous materials that are used and collected by households;

  • The provision of technical assistance to local governments for the development of waste-management strategies designed to assist small quantity generators of hazardous waste;

  • Other possible programs to more effectively implement the state’s hierarchy of preferred waste management technologies as set forth in Health and Safety Code 361.023(a); and

  • The creation and implementation of the strategically directed regulatory structure developed under the Water Code Section 5.755). Exit the TCEQ

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Schedule of Meetings

Meetings are open to the public so anyone who is interested may attend and observe the proceedings.

Next scheduled meeting:

  • TBD

Agendas and Minutes

All of the following documents are in PDF.

Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, contact the TCEQ by phone at 512-239-3100, or by e-mail ( with “Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee” in the subject line.