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Apply for or Modify a Municipal Solid Waste Authorization

Links to pages explaining requirements for permits, registrations, and other authorizatons related to the management of municipal solid waste.


Notice:  The TCEQ will no longer accept the old Part I Form for municipal solid waste applications.  Starting April 1, 2014, applicants must use the revised Part I form (revised form TCEQ-0650) for new permits, registrations and amendments.  For permit or registration modifications and temporary authorizations, applicants must use new form TCEQ-20650; for Type IX landfill gas to energy facilities, applicants must use new form TCEQ-20651.



Forms and Information for Landfills


Forms for Abandoned and Nuisance Building Landfills ("Monofills")


Forms and Information for Transfer Stations and Other Permitted or Registered Processing Facilities


Forms for Low-Volume Transfer Stations and Citizens' Collection Stations


Forms for Landfill Gas to Energy Facilities


Forms and Information for Transferring a Permit or Registration


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