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Remediation and Cleanup Success Stories from the VCP, IOP, and BSA Programs

Assessments that led to successful redevelopment of formerly contaminated sites under the Voluntary Cleanup Program, the Innocent Owner-Operator Program, and Brownfield site assessments.

Remediation and Cleanup Success Stories

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From 1998, the TCEQ has performed site assessment activities totaling over $1,500,000. BSA Applicants have included a number of municipalities, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. Redevelopment plans for some of these sites have included a Boys and Girls Club of America, low-income housing, a homeless shelter, fire stations, a municipal water tower, and park land.

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To find out how to contact the people that helped make these sites a vital part of their community again, please look at the Brownfields Database.

Connecting Austin through Transit-Oriented Development at Crestview Station


VCP 1830 Before

Previously, Crestview Station was a 71 acre property in central Austin that functioned as a chemical research facility from 1949 until 2005. The property was in a prime location for a transit-oriented development, once contamination from the historical use was cleaned up.


VCP 1830 After

The site has been redeveloped as a mixed-use property, with both single family homes and apartment, ball fields, and 150,000 square feet of office and retail space. The Crestview Station stop for Austin's new MetroRail opened earlier this year.

Click here for more information about redevelopment at Crestview Station in Austin


Uptown Building Boom at the Crescent Complex, Dallas


VCP 1976 Before

Cedar Springs and Pearl Streets are located between downtown Dallas and high-end residences. Residences, industrial businesses, and an office complex occupied the site from the 1970s until 2003, when remediation of soils contaminted by petroleum-related chemicals began. Redevelopment of the Crescent Complex kicked off an uptown building boom.


VCP 1976 After

Construction of the Rosewood Court building was completed in 2008, creating new office space, upscale and pedestrian friendly retail amenities, as well a parking garage for the Crescent Complex.

Click here for more information about redevelopment at Rosewood Court in the Crescent Complex

Previous Success Stories

VCP 1933: Fort Worth Cultural District Redevelopment (PDF)

VCP 1999: Inspiration Drive Redevelopment in Dallas, TX (PDF)

VCP 1671: Former Montgomery Ward Redevelopment in Fort Worth, TX (PDF)